The Digital Marketing Technology Research Journal

Editor:  Kevin W. Tharp, Ph.D


This site was originally created in September 2015 as a marketing effort for what was at the time a newly created degree in Digital Marketing Technology at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.  As time moved forward, the site migrated to a research blog for student research into emerging trends in digital marketing technology. Continuing the evolution, it is now a peer reviewed research journal, The Digital Marketing Technology Research Journal (DMTRJ).

As the years continue to bring new technology and drive new and different buyer behavior, there is a growing need to understand how these innovations influence a business’ marketing and investment strategies. Adapting with the trends of marketing and online user experience is an ever-changing process, which requires a strong will to learn alongside the evolving industry.

The first special edition of the Journal is being published in conjunction with “Virtually Tilted: An Exhibition of Tilt Brush Artistry” being run in October 2019.  All submissions to the show will be peer reviewed, and select submissions will be invited to publish in the special edition of DMTRJ in Fall 2019 or Winter 2020.

The Digital Marketing Technology Research Journal is a project of the Digital Marketing Technology Program at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in conjunction with the Department of Communication Technologies.

B.S. Degree in Digital Marketing Technology

Submitting to DMTRJ

Submissions to the DMTRJ are only accepted through calls for submission or invitation from the Editor. Calls for Submission are announced on the home page of the journal. Unsolicited articles are not accepted at this time.

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