The Rise of Voice Search in SEO

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The Rise of Voice Search in SEO

By: Nicole Mason

From Amazon Alexa to Google Home, these innovative tools provide us with the convenience and opportunity to obtain information. Subsequently, voice search is growing daily and is utilized for quick retrieval of information. Henceforth, it provides the average user the instant gratification of immediate and ready access. According to statistics, over 40% of people use voice search at least once per day (Rebhuhn, 2017). With the rise in daily use of voice search, how does this impact your website and SEO?

One response would be that type searches are becoming less popular in the search engines, and voice search is becoming the revolutionized organic search. In fact, more people are preparing to utilized it as a main source.  Secondly, the user experience is consistently transitioning to individuals desiring more ease and less stress (Djukanovic, 2018).  Voice search provides this opportunity and so much more.  Incorporating voice search into your marketing strategy will not only improve the traffic, but enhance brand awareness (Emarketed, 2018).

When implementing a voice search market strategy, there are some factors that you should consider before moving forward. First, not only would you need to optimize your website in a traditional sense (i.e., social media, link-building, and content); now you will need to incorporate voice search into the equation.  Initially it may seem like additional work, but it will pay off in the long run by enhancing your long-term goals for your site and SEO.

One component of voice market strategy is keyword analysis, which is a major component of voice search. Additionally, there are a few things that you should explore when researching keywords.  First, it is important to examine how people speak, and use keywords.  It is fundamental to examine long-term keywords that people are inquiring through various devices (Shaw, 2018).  Utilizing various tools like Google Analytics to explore keywords would be very beneficial when implementing a voice search strategy. Also, we should look at a question and answer style formatting when developing a strategy (Castleford, 2018).  Taking these two components into consideration for keyword analysis will possibly increase site ranking in the search engines. 

The second factor to explore is implementing voice search into your mobile SEO strategy. The use of mobile devices particularly phones are increasing daily.  Many individuals prefer to speak into their devices, rather than typing in search queries. The majority of smartphones currently have some form voice enabled personal assistant installed, which increases the likelihood of utilizing voice search (Boyd, 2018). Statistics show that 20% of the mobile queries are voice searches, and it will continue to increase in the future. Moreover, it is crucial to make sure that the website is mobile-friendly. It should consist of a good responsive design, page load time, and proper use of fonts and buttons (Rebhuhn, 2017).  An optimized mobile website will increase your possibilities to top search rankings in voice search and increase traffic to the site. 

The last important factor would be incorporating local SEO into a voice search strategy.  Most of the voice searches are for local purposes. Studies show that most local searches have a significant presence in voice search which is 87% (Shrivastava, 2018). When individuals are trying to locate various restaurants, stores, and products in an area, it is essential that the content on the website reflects the area that they are seeking.  Urgency and instant gratification is what people pursue when utilizing local searches, and this is the central focus of why voice search should be incorporated into the strategy.  Utilizing keywords such as “near me” would be beneficial in voice search marketing.  For example, Google voice search algorithms would go directly to Google Business Listings to locate search.  Therefore, it is very important to ensure all information is current because this enhances brand awareness and ranking in the search engines (Shaw, 2018).

Overall, technology is transforming and improving lifestyles through various entities in society.  It is providing the convenience; and satisfying the instant gratification that people crave. That being said, voice search is going take the search engine world by storm with its capability of convenience and gratification. Currently, many individuals are not really exploring this entity due to a lack knowledge regarding the function of voice search. Hopefully, in the future voice search will have a major impact in how we market our businesses in the digital world.


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