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Virtually Tilted. An Exhibition of Tilt Brush Artistry

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Virtually Tilted: An Exhibition of Tilt Brush Artistry
Presented by Perceptive Reality Project, Tharp Media, The BS in Digital Marketing Technology, and UW-Stout Department of Communication Technologies.

Virtual Reality is creating a host of opportunities for creative expression. While VR has been evolving for decades, it was the commercial release of the Oculus Rift (Facebook Technologies, LLC, 2015) and the HTC Vive (HTC, 2016) in 2016 that marked the beginning of consumer accessible Virtual Reality.

Along with the launch of the Vive came Tilt Brush by Google (Valve Corp [US], 2016). Tilt Brush is a program that allows you to “paint” creating your own 3D place in virtual reality. This ability has led to new type of art and artistry.

In Tilt Brush I am able to go into a dark space and paint my thoughts in light”.
Dr. Kevin W. Tharp

However, we are aware of few if any opportunities to submit sketches created in Tilt Brush to a peer reviewed or juried exhibition specifically focused on Tilt Brush artists and artistry. There is the Poly website that serves as a gallery hosting site for individual artists that is well integrated into the Tilt Brush ecosystem. Poly also has featured scenes and sketches, that you can explore in a flat screen environment or in some cases import into Tilt Brush itself for exploration and remixing if permission is granted by the original author.

Dr. Kevin W. Tharp, Director of the Perceptive Reality Project announced an upcoming peer reviewed show.

“Tilted. An Exhibition of Tilt Brush Artistry” is a peer reviewed / juried exhibition of Tilt Brush Art and Artistry that will take place in October 2019.  This will be a virtual event where artists can submit Tilt Brush sketches, and works such as videos derived from those sketches, for peer review and exhibition. 
In conjunction with the exhibition, there will be a special edition of the Digital Marketing Technology Research Journal highlighting some of the works from the exhibition.

A call for submissions will be posted by Sept. 30. Here is the anticipated timeline.

Announce Event: Sept. 24, 2019

Call for Submissions by Sept. 30, 2019

Final Submissions Required by October 10, 5:00 pm CST.

Peer Review October 11-16

Exhibit Published October 18

Presented by:
Perceptive Reality Project
UW-Stout Digital Marketing Technology Program
UW-Stout Department of Communication Technologies, and
Digital Marketing Technology Research Journal.

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